JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A terrifying trend ...

I've been noticing, on book review sites, a growing number of people who give books a bad review not because of plot or writing style or whatever but because more than two characters was too difficult for them to keep track of.

And all I can think is: Does this person have to severely limit their social life or family or only earn their living in really tiny workplaces because they can't keep track of more than two people? If they get married then they have to choose between their parents because they can't cope with the existence of a spouse and both Mom and Dad? (they obviously would be utterly clueless about the existence of siblings)

And then I add another nail to the coffin of human intelligence ...

P.S. This is a pre-coffee/pre-breakfast brain in operation; I'll be fine (well, sort of) once I've hauled my blood sugar up out of the sub basement. ;p

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