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A little recreational reading

An online (free) graphic novel: Tales from The Secret Shop: "Are We Heroes Yet?". I've only read the first few pages but 'tis the amazing artist from "Drowntown" (anybody know whatever happened to THAT after volume one?) and so far I'm loving it.

Edited to add: ***snerk"

"You have no trouble putting faith in demons, yet you balk at fairy tales?"
"Demons ate me dear old mam while she was telling one!"

Edited again to further add: YAY! Saveable in .pdf format. Because I have learned over my Internet years: if you have the space and it's saveable, save it! I always have a ton o' unused hard drive on my computers and my files (and backups) contain several enjoyable treasures which no longer exist online or in the Wayback Machine.

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