JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The menace of Saturday morning wandering brain ...

Grabbed a sweatshirt out of the dresser this morning and, in the act of putting it on, discovered underwear hiding in one sleeve ... presumably a result of tumbling around in either the washing machine or the dryer.

Immediate first thought: if only they would breed when they're snuggled up like that in the dark of the drawer, then I wouldn't have to shop for new stuff any more.

Then the second thoughts and Mendel kicked in: Yeah, right, first generation of hybrid offspring would all most likely be useless (to me, anyway) baggy grey bloomers full of holes. Cross-breeding those would get me around 50% of the same plus no guarantee that any of the also-resulting solid grey fleece and black lace would actually be in my size.

Definitely not worth going to the hassle and expense of setting up an experimental farm and breeding program for ... ;p

This pointless mental ramble brought to you by The Coffee Obviously Isn't Strong Enough.

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Tags: silliness

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