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Being the main character in a series is no guarantee of respect from supporting characters in same ...

Asher took the train up to Oxford on Friday afternoon, the 19th of March. He ached in every joint when he woke, and by the time he reached Oxford his chest burned and his skull buzzed with fever. Ellen and Mrs Grimes put him to bed, and Mrs Grimes -- in between making blancmange and gruel -- told him in no uncertain terms that this was his own fault for gallivanting off to London when Dr Hoggett had told him to rest, and that if he came down with pneumonia again she was going to throw him out into the road to die and would tell Miss Lydia that he'd run off with a drover's widow from Dorset.
Dr Hoggett -- one of Asher's very small circle of intimate friends -- when he came to see him on Saturday, added to this that he himself would then marry Mrs Asher, and it would serve Asher right. Hoggett returned Sunday evening, by which time Asher was well enough to beat him in two games (out of four) of chess after dinner: "But if I hear you speak again of going back up to London tomorrow I'm going to break out my grandfather's phlebotomy knives and bleed you to keep you in bed."

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