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Have you read this guy's work?

A little Alex Shvartsman pimping here, as he has a new story up (online freebie!) on the Galaxy's Edge Magazine website: Golf to the Death. If you've not read any Shvartsman before, I say you're really missing out on something good. His "Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma" is a delight to read (and I know I'll be re-reading it a lot).

As for the story linked above; well, it takes a helluva good writer to make me enjoy reading about a game of golf. Ian Fleming, P.G. Wodehouse, George Macdonald Fraser, and Mervyn J. Huston are the only other authors I can think of who've managed it. Shvartsman has now turned that foursome into a fivesome by adding a few new twists to the game. ;-)

Edited to add: This guy is also the reason an anthology of coffee-themed fantasy stories exists ... IMO this alone is reason to elevate him to at least demi-godhood.

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