JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Modesty Blaise on BBC Radio!!!

I've just discovered that a BBC Radio 4 program called "15 Minute Drama" has dramatized some Modesty Blaise novels!!! All five episodes of "The Silver Mistress are available right now!!!

I consider Modesty one of the finest female fictional characters ever created; Peter O'Donnell hit upon the perfect personality balance when he dreamed her up. I discovered the novels when I was in college; they were fantastic reading (and still are) plus they were a very good influence on me in terms of learning how to regard and respect myself as a person who just happened to be female. (she may also have had a great deal to do with a then-boyfriend grumbling that I wasn't "jealous enough" but that's a whole other tale **grin**)

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Tags: listening

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