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Just in case you've ever wondered ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Just in case you've ever wondered ...
How knitters fix screw-ups when there's no way in hell they're gonna rip out multiple rows and reknit them: Damn damn damn

P.S. This is just a mild example ... I've seen cable surgery (to fix one crossed the wrong way discovered after the sweater was finished) that was as suspenseful as observing open heart surgery on a living being.

P.P.S. The most radical repair I've done myself was on my Pea Vines shawl. See that narrow spine of tiny leaves running up the centre? When I was close to finished I noticed one leaf that didn't look right and ended up dropping down thirty rows to fix it, then restoring stitches (in lacy leafy pattern) all thirty rows back up to my then-current position in the pattern.

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