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More recreational reading ...

Tonight I started re-reading season one of "The witch who came in from the cold" (finished the first two episodes) to get all plot points fresh in my memory because ***cue happy dancing here*** season two starts next Thursday!!!!!

If my use of the terms season and episode in regards to reading seems a little confusing, that's what the publisher calls 'em ... each weekly "episode" (chapter) of the "season" (novel) is planned to take about the same time to read as you would take to watch an hour-long tv show (with all the commercials removed so really closer to about forty minutes). anotheranon introduced me to this site last year and it's very good stuff. :-) Now that I've a little more reading time I've downloaded the first episodes of "Tremontaine" and "Bookburners" to try out as well (the first ep of each tale is free, just to get you nicely hooked). This year some of the completed seasons are now being released as hard copy books (ebook options are individual episodes or a single ebook compilation once the season has finished)

Serial instalments are how a lot of classic novels were originally published; I like to think that Serial Box is creating some of the classics of the future. :-)

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