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"But in this world all beliefs were true. In this world the gods came first, then men recreated them in images they preferred."

"The gods of the Androyans reflected the northern folk themselves. Which meant that they were rowdy, drunken, not too bright, drunken, violent, drunken, and short-sighted. While often drunk."

--"The Tyranny of the Night" by Glen Cook

Not a good world in which to be a chosen-for-a-mission of the gods ... ;p

I started reading this book, in "Oh boy, Glen Cook!" mode, a long while back. Not a good idea while operating with a very tired, over-overtimed brain ... got halfway through and was totally lost (huge, continent-spanning cast, history, politics, and alliances that takes a lot of keeping track of). Started over again yesterday and, being in a much better brainstate, am loving it!!! (as I knew I should because Glen Cook!)

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