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Back to the salt mine ...

First day back at work today. What a nasty shock to the system to be woken by an alarm clock after three weeks of indulging my mind and body in running on their own schedules. But a very pleasant surprise to not find any horrors in my inbox and to have been able to get through it and then on to the joys of cataloguing in just a little over an hour (there have been times when taking a mere extended weekend led to an inbox that took half a day to take care of). Was hoping the one Andrzej Sapkowski book that hadn't arrived before Christmas would be waiting on my desk but it's still on order. Did, however, get the consolation prize of my shiny new copy of Mike Mignola/Chris Golden's "Empty Graves (volume 7 of their "Baltimore" graphics series)

On home front, last Thursday I received a notice of apartment entry to replace the toilet today. Not a repair or a request on my part ... judging from the number of older models sitting outside the door when I got home tonight they were doing this for all the longer term tenants (= apartments that haven't been available for remodeling while vacant). So now my bathroom is home to a fancy shmancy new low-water-use, flush-with-a-button-on-top-of-the-tank "throne. Along with that they also fitted new water control gizmos to my kitchen and bathroom sink faucets and, for some reason known only to the property management gods, replaced the water-conserving shower head they only just installed last June. (not complaining because I can see the new one has choice of spray settings while the previous new one didn't)

Wonder what excitement tomorrow will bring? (apart from the weekly department heads meeting) ;p

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