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A very good day for music (and something else)

This morning, long before I came across the Sophie Solomon new album news, I had to be out and about and figured that, since I was all bundled up and in the winter cold already, I might as well detour to the nearest HMV instead of going directly home and pick up Disturbed's "Believe" CD (which hadn't been in stock in the downtown store when I was in there last month)

A few more things sorta followed me home (I purely-by-chance did okay out of their 2 for $20.00 stickers) ...

Believe by Disturbed (because I did, amazingly, actually pick up what I went in for first (that doesn't always happen)
Fire and Gasoline, by Lee Aaron.
Folon, by Salif Keita.
The Rough Guide to Ethiopian Jazz (which I'm listening to as I type this and OH!!! it is wonderful!!! ... I've never met a Rough Guide album I didn't love)
The Rough Guide to Acoustic Africa (2 CD special edition with bonus CD by Noumoucounda Cissoko)

And ... the Red Dwarf XI DVD!!!!! Guess how I spent my afternoon? ;-) Short version: Hilarious. The Cat explaining to Lister his confused and combined version of two well-known pieces of science history-legend (which, according to him, led to the invention of gravy) had me barely managing not to spray hot chocolate all over the living room.

I need to go watch all six episodes again now ...

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