JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The joys of living in microclimate central ...

Needed to nip out for a few grocery-type supplies and wanted to take care of it this afternoon rather than deal with weekend shoppers (because it's really nice to be able to leisurely wander the store and explore the shelves to learn what might-be-useful-someday oddities they stock without having to continually get out of the way of grumpy impatient people). And bundled up according to the Environment Canada website, which claimed -15C with -23C windchill. Which seems a little off to me as the contours of the snow outside seemed softer than this morning (usually a sign of warming) but I could have been imagining that. Note that all the weather data for Calgary is collected at the airport, which is about 4 km north of the city.

According to the office building digital info sign that I walk past on my way to the store it's only -4C in my neighbourhood. With no wind. Managed to get there and back again without actually melting but it was a near thing.

So note to self: Move finding a replacement outdoor thermometer up to the top of the to-do list so that you'll know actual local temperature. I inherited one when I moved into this place and judging from the model type that sucker had been out on that balcony for a very long time. But last summer the managing company cut down several of the trees in the courtyard (they'd suffered several years of storm damage and were ailing) and changed the wind patterns within said courtyard ... no more deflection away from my windows and balcony. So of course one blustery day last fall I found the thermometer lying on the balcony "floor" with the plastic casing smashed (including the little that fasten it to the metal wall bracket). So need to find a tougher model somewhere.

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