JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Witcher love (aka You won't see THIS in LotR)

Witcher and other male character who's become a regular get into disagreement that turns into rolling on the ground fight. Only to suddenly let go of each other going ow!ow!ow!ow!ow! Because fairly diminutive younger female character has had it up to here, whipped off her belt and is letting this pair of soldier/warrior types both have it until they break it up and is quite prepared to start in on the pair of 'em again if either makes one move towards the other that isn't an apology because she is not putting up with this shit from either of them.

Note that this isn't something that is a regular occurrence in these books but the the result of tensions that have building up over a couple of novels finally coming to a head ... all reactions quite realistic for the characters even though it's nothing any of them have done (or shown any signs of doing) before. Proof of good character development that it all makes sense and is simultaneously funny as hell (in the middle of tense scene) and dead serious.

Waiting until March for the next instalment is suddenly going to hurt twice as much as it was a few hours ago.

P.S. I've just decided I really need a Witcher userpic ...
Tags: bookseries: the witcher, reading

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