JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Dreamwidth trial run

I've copied the contents of my LJ catdesk account over to Dreamwidth, just to see how the whole importing thing works. New booklists will continue to appear here at LJ; the Dreamwidth thing is something I've actually been contemplating doing as a backup (because backups are GOOD things and have saved me many a time in the past) but just hadn't got 'round to until now (time on my hands plus more than one LJ friend posting about using the site as a just-in-case = sensible precaution finally taken)

Won't be friending (or connecting or whatever the heck they call it over there) any of my individual buddies with The Dreamwidth Catdesk account for the plain'n'simple reason that I never did so in LJ; Catdesk was originally created due to people wanting to share the title lists I was posting in my personal LJ account with bookloving friends and family but hesitant to do so because they didn't necessarily want said friends and family backtracking to their LJ accounts (this was back in the days when most people did prefer to leave their accounts public so they could "meet" and interact with fellow spirits but there might be just enough content to identify them to a not-so-fellow person from real life who had a path to follow ... and the various privacy and who-can-see-this-post settings weren't as good back then as they are now).

Once I've fiddled about with DW a bit more I'll copy my personal account over as well and will let you know when I do. Hopefully able to use the same username of my tripled initials as it's so convenient (you can find me anywhere online if you're in the know that that's what I use). Already bemoaning the fact that there's no lifetime accounts there; I've got quite spoiled here not having to remember to budget for renewal. Yeah, I know, first world problems ... ;p
Tags: dreamwidth

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