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Meme-along - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Doing kejn's first sentence from each month of the year meme because of the amusement potential if you read it as a story.

January: Just occurred to me, as I'm currently in the process of folding clean laundry, that I STILL fold pillowcases in the manner I was taught as a child.
February: ... because I've just successfully edited two webpages to have fixed navigation bars on the right.
March: I've just posted a new book list over at catdesk ... reading treats galore!
April: This was inside (okay, once again, it was actually in a boring old shipping envelope that nobody wants to see)
May: Discovered this one-off half hour show yesterday, thanks to it beginning after the end of one of my regular shows: A Sense of History, written and performed by Jim Broadbent (who was, once upon a long time ago, the Spanish Infanta's translator in the first series of "Blackadder").
June: "I don't really like torturing Puritans ... you can never be sure they're not secretly enjoying it."--Satan, "Old Harry's Game"
August: "Do stop trying to show the occasional glimmer of intelligence. It's like finding caviar in a cheeseburger."--Absolute Power, series 4, episode 1
September: Hadn't realized how long I'd gone without posting.
October: It has been a crazy, hardworking summer, taking up many evenings and weekends, with the payoff of assistant and I having developed a faster, better method of handling starter collections by zigzagging between two softwares (we had eleven new school libraries to stock ... seven are now finished, one in progress, and three to go! (assistant and I are now anticipating the luxury of watching those last three pretty much build themselves now that we've done all the extensive set-up work ... Yay!)
December: I haven't forgotten the pink sock of insanity, it's just that my hands needed a break from the stresses of dense twisted stitches on a small scale.

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