JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Objects in monitor are much smaller (or larger) than they appear ...

Why some projects go faster than others (decided an IKEA pencil is probably the most reliable universal measure of scale on the planet). And posting this the fun and creative way since several components of LJ editor (and Scrapbook) are out of commission today (not just me, support is full of shiny new complaints, but my compulsion to comprehend the structure/mechanics of anything I use is once again paying off ***GRIN***)

From left to right, worsted weight, two strands of fingering weight, lace weight (fingering is the most commonly-used yarn size for knitting socks)

And those same yarns in knitted form comparing stitch sizes. Clockwise from left: multicoloured worsted, orange and dark green fingering, purple/blue lace

And a quick look at the current state of the Null Hypothesis, just out of its bag (hoping to at least finish the laboratory equipment section this week)
Tags: knitting

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