JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Silliness for Saturday

Last night saw the arrival of my latest LP-to-CD conversion. This time 'round, 'twas one of my Two Ronnies albums (amazingly, the photo on this Web page is the cover for this particular recording). Have been listening to it today and realizing, after not hearing it for so long, just how much they really got away with on their show ... boy, a LOT sailed past me when I was a kid! ;-)

One of my favourite bits was Ronnie Corbett sitting in a big chair on a darkened soundstage ronnie corbett and telling hilarious rambling stories to the studio audience. So I thought I'd share one with my friends ... the tale of The Castaway (warning: there be slightly naughty bits and bad French accents here ***grin***)

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