JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Snow, quite a bit of it, has been in the long-range forecast for today and tomorrow since the beginning of the week. Impending snowfall warning on the Environment Canada website last night (which is THE source of weather info for ALL media in this country) and I was hearing that warning over and over on the radio this morning between waking and leaving for work.

The number of my co-workers who were surprised ... bordering on downright bewildered ... when snow started coming down mid-morning today was depressing. It's flippin' December! Winter! Yes, we do get chinooks and periods of unusually warm weather in winter here in southern Alberta but we also get snow and ice and cold! It's like they think that because it warmed up after two weeks of severe cold and windchills that winter is now over. ***despairs***

On the plus side, we were kicked out of work at around 1:20 this afternoon, I'm home and snug and dug in ... that heavy snowfall warning is for tomorrow as well so I'm very glad I did my supply runs already instead of leaving them for today/tomorrow ... LET THE STAYCATION COMMENCE!!!

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