JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A suggestion for the holidays ...

... one that won't require contending with traffic, no stressful crowds, no shopping, no inroads into the bank balance; one that will be accessible to the quick and the lame, the sniffly-ill and the (so far) healthy ...

It's been FAR too long since I got together with my good buddies in a chatroom (and, last time, we all agreed that it had been fun and far too long and "we should do this more often"), so what say we try to manage it over the holidays? I think an hour or two of online silliness in good company would do wonders for all of us. :-)))

P.S. I get off work at noon on Dec. 24 and don't have to report back until Jan. 3 ... any time or day is good for me.

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