JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Impulse versus logic

What I SHOULD do at some point today is wind that new skein of "Volcan" and finish that hat. Because, y'know, deeply cold outside and all that jazz. And then maybe add a few rows to one of my multitude of other knitwear in progress.

What the Oooo! Shiny! part of my brain is clamouring to do is cast on Two. Using this and this. Or this and this. Or this and this. Or maybe this and this or this. Or, hey!, this and this. Or there's also this and this! See? My brain is insane ... I want to make the thing and I have no clue in what colours so there's no point until I come to some sort of decision (or at least narrow it down a bit)

Knitting. A useful addiction but it certainly has its dark side ...
Tags: knitting

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