JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

There's something seriously wrong ...

... about walking into the nearest of the local yarn shops after work on Friday when it's -22C (with a -33C windchill) and there's nobody else in there except the owner. Priorities people! This kind of cold should be sending the urge to make warm things into overdrive.

My own excuse for being in there (when you all know I have mountains of yarn in all kinds of colours at home) was that the hat whose crown I'm deepening to make it more suitable for winter wear has deceived me and it had become obvious that I was going to lose (badly) any attempt at playing yarn chicken with it. The home yarn mountains do contain more skeins of that yarn but not in that colour. Nothing even close. So a trip to acquire another skein of the "Volcan" colourway was essential.

And only three more skeins in addition to that came home to keep it company (so only a 75% increase over original shopping list ... I've been known to do a lot worse when surrounded by squishy pretties)

In the meantime, as a sub for a hat I've been wearing that colour pooling cowl with the "hood" end upwards ... it is VERY warm! :-)

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