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One thing I find an ereader/ebooks very useful for is the ability to try out a new-to-me author ... I can sample and decide whether something is a pretty-good-but-I'm-happy-to-have-read-it-once, must-read-the-entire-series-NOW! or will-definitely-happily-re-read-this-a-zillion-times and thus decide whether or not to commit always-finite bookcase space ('cause for books I love and will re-read I much prefer to have hard copies ... they've a permanency that cannot be guaranteed by any electronic edition and this is how the next generation will know what I, personally, thought was worthwhile (same with downloadable music ... fine and convenient but I'd rather have a CD whenever possible*)

I read Paul Cornell's first novel on my Kobo and then purchased that and every subsequent title of his in bound paper format (hardcover whenever possible) because he is just that good ("London Falling" is responsible for that if you're curious).

And now ...

Today I started reading Andrzej Sapkowski's "Sword of Destiny for the first time and I haven't even FINISHED the first story in the anthology yet and already this entire series is DEFINITELY going onto the buy-in-paper list. Haven't had this much fun reading sword'n'sorcery fantasy since I first discovered Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser tales. Marvelous storytelling and characters! And hallelujah for a good translator which is just as vital as good writing in the original language. (P.S. I know the Kobo site says this title is volume 2 in the series but according to other sources it's actually the first one written/published ... the series numbering is based on internal chronology rather than publication order)

Highly recommended!!!!!

*partly permanence ... I've had one download seller shut down on me already so my multiple backups are my only protection against losing everything I bought from them ... but mainly because the big, best-sound-quality speakers I have are hooked up to the amplifier in the living room with the comfy couch and armchair (current computer speakers are pretty good but by no means the best for listening to every detail of music)
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