JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Growing steadily ...

I haven't forgotten the pink sock of insanity, it's just that my hands needed a break from the stresses of dense twisted stitches on a small scale. While this shawl's lace yarn is maybe 1/4 the size of the sock yarn and the needles I'm using are .25 mm smaller than the sock's, lace is knitted much more loosely than socks are so the muscles in my hands/fingers are much more relaxed right now.

P.S. I realize that shrinking down the image enough to not explode other people's monitors makes the stitch patterning a little hard to see. If you go to my Ravelry project page for this shawl, click on the top photo (the most recent), and then click on it again within the photos pop-up then you'll have a magnified view.

Tags: knitting

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