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Just finished watching "The Maltese Falcon" (Bogart edition ... there was another film version before his). So glad I re-read the novel first because that refresher just made the perfection of the casting and performances, and how closely the movie followed the novel shine even more. A few scenes missing but those were worked around nicely ... understandable that the Sam and Brigid sex scene would have been an onscreen no-no back then, as would be the one where he made her strip to prove she hadn't stolen the money from Gutman's envelope. Ditto for the single encounter between Sam and Gutman's daughter (who isn't mentioned in the movie at all). And all the little descriptive moments from the book that made it onscreen were fun, the best being Effie perched on Sam's desk and rolling his cigarette for him ... the way she did it is straight off the page. :-)

Short version: 'twas a wonderful treat! I'm simultaneously sorry that it took me so long to finally watch this and glad that I did leave a few classics to enjoy as new discoveries later in life instead of seeing them all on late-night TV in my teens.
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