JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

From the depths of my stash ...

About a decade ago, still in the earlyish days of the resurgence of knitting, crocheting, weaving and other related fibre arts and before the related boom in indie yarns, a co-worker who had taken up handspinning gifted me a skein of yarn that she had spun and hand dyed. Thin end of the lace weight range, in a mix of purples and blues. Beautiful stuff. And I was terrified of it ... I'd never seen or handled yarn so fine in my life and I was convinced I'd wreck it if I tried to do anything with it. Over the time between then and now, thanks to the aforementioned resurgence and the related proliferation of information and technique books, the Internet in general and Ravelry in particular, my then-basic skills have been greatly enhanced. So last weekend, with my new handspun purchases reminding me of the existence of this, the first handspun ever to come into my possession, I dug it out of the stash, wound and weighed it, calculated its approximate yardage and cast on. Delicate as it appears, I now know that wool spun this fine is still tough as nails and can't be broken or pulled apart easily. And it's turning out very nicely IMO ...
Tags: knitting

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