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An important truth that everyone should read/know

Because, honest-to-goodness, I die a little inside every time I hear somebody say they want to do something but won't try because they won't be expert or perfect the first time (or possibly even the thousandth time). Because to me trying is the most important part of trying anything. There is no learning, no growth without trying. Trying means you have a chance of getting good at [thing]. Never trying guarantees you never will. So please read this: A Pep Talk In Case You Need It. And then give [thing you've always wanted to do] a try. Multiple tries. Please.

P.S I hear this most often in regards to my knitting. Yes, I'm good at it. I started when I was 17 and I'm 55 now so I've had a bit of practice. Because I started nearly four decades ago I no longer have my early botched/mistake-ridden attempts or else I'd have 'em photographed and posted here as evidence in a nanosecond (especially the ribbing ... that was a HUGE mess though at least, looking back, I suspect a long-ago newbie knitter's similar mess is how brioche stitch was invented). I still make mistakes, loads of 'em, but the biggest skill I've learned over the years has been how to spot and fix them (the act of knitting in itself is a piece o' cake traditionally learned at about age 4 for centuries ... yes, it's that simple ... which in itself makes me a late learner. The art of detecting and repairing one's screwups takes a little longer to master ***GRIN***)
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