JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Finally ...

... managed to get some replacement batteries for my yarn scale (why oh why are cadmium cells so damned hard to come by in this city?) So now am turning the place upside down hunting for all the little leftover balls of yarn from various projects. No, this is not insanity ... well not the kind you're thinking of anyway. ;p In the nowadays world of Internet sharing and really accurate digital scales it's actually considered a courtesy to record exact amounts of materials used so that other knitters (or crocheters or weavers or whatever) can make realistic calculations of whether they've got enough of whatever in their own stash to do make that same pattern. Patterns tend to just say how many skeins required but that's kinda vague. Sure, the pattern for Slain said I needed three skeins of yarn in different colours but what I really used was less than two skeins worth of yarn: 80% of the brown skein, 30% of the green skein, and 70% of the orange skein. So it's actually possibly to knit this shawl using some leftovers from other projects instead of shelling out for new yarn. Not that I ever object to shelling out for new yarn but if one has only used up part of a particularly gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand-dye there's pleasure in being able to use up the rest as well. :-) Alternatively, accurate yardage reports can save somebody from the pain of losing at yarn chicken (aka somebody hitting the end of their unique yarn halfway through the last row of an elaborate piece of lacework)

And then there's also, of course, the vitalness of splitting a skein of yarn into two absolutely equal balls when one is in the habit of knitting two socks at once (especially when knitting them top down ... I hear that managing to complete one and running short just before the toe is completed on the other hurts)

Welcome to the fast lane excitement of fibre arts! I bet you're all thrilled to bits to know all this. ;-)

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