JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress ...

The colour pooling (top photo) continues ... since it's currently mindless, 'round and 'round stockinette stitch (that surface of stacked "V" shapes that most people think of when knitting is mentioned) it's been my coffee break project at work because I can start/stop at any point without having to count or stay in pattern.

Knitangle (bottom photo), the at-home complicated project I currently keep picking up, is exactly the opposite ... no two rows alike and so it's impossible to memorize any part of its making except the stitch sequence to make bobbles. I hate making bobbles. Utterly loathe the whole Red Queen process of their construction. It's an indicator of how much I LOVE this shawl design that I'm willing to make hundreds!!! and hundreds!!! of the stinking little things in order to have it in my wardrobe.


Tags: knitting

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