JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Recreational reading ...

Because, yeah, I haven't given up plain text for knitting or graphics. And the Kobo makes it FAR too easy to accumulate an electronic to-read pile (so far it's nowhere near as bad as the hard copy to-read pile but I'm sure it'll get there someday) ;-)

Finished Coffee : 14 caffeinated tales of the fantastic earlier today. Alex Shvartsman puts together wonderfully quirky anthologies ... some stories shine, some are merely good, and most fall somewhere in between, but I've never hit a bad or mediocre tale or an author I vow to avoid for the rest of my life in any collection he's edited. I'd certainly buy a Coffee 2 should such a book ever appear, and I'd even be appreciative of a Tea.

Currently several stories into Nalo Hopkinson's Falling in love with hominids and falling in love with her writing; also geeking on her Canadian settings in some of the stories and the fact that she's a fellow fan of Cordwainer Smith who she paraphrases as the title of this collection. Definitely going to be reading more of her books ASAP!
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