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Got this today!!! :-D - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Got this today!!! :-D
And just finished reading it. Squee!!! 'cause Izabel is back! Alana is still nuts, Marko is still trying to act like he isn't, and Hazel has grown! Plus the return of several other familiar faces and the addition of a couple of intriguing new ones!

And Hazel still gets the best lines in her narration: "Dying is one of the few experiences we'll eventually all enjoy firsthand, and like most shit that's commonplace, it's boring to dwell on. My fellow inmates/classmates (and really, what's the difference?) showed me it was more interesting to concentrate on the living.
Because death is fucking predictable ...
... but life has science experiments and free time and surprise naps and who knows what comes next?"



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