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Mystery solved! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Mystery solved!
That weird occasional beep that seemed to be emanating from my computer (installed Windows 10 a few days ago and the machine has been making a few unfamiliar sounds for different processes) was actually the new cell phone, sitting in its box on top of the desk next to one of the monitor's speakers and complaining of imminent power failure. Cue JLS turning the damned phone 'round and 'round trying to find where the hell one plugs in the charger (c'mon, my previous phone was from 2003 and had a jack, not a USB port ... I'm dealing with a massive technology leap here). Did figure out the port's hiding place without having to resort to the manual once I moved into the brighter light in the kitchen and took off my glasses so I could actually focus on all the tiny black-on-black symbols 'round the phone's edges (I read, knit, hand sew, and investigate miniscule things better without artificial vision aids)

Now that I've replaced a few more of Windows' sound effects with far more meaningful phrases from my stash of Carry On sound clips this kind of auditory confusion shouldn't happen again. ;p
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zappo From: zappo Date: 11th July 2016 07:57 (UTC) (Other places)
Brilliant! :D
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 11th July 2016 22:30 (UTC) (Other places)
Yep, Kenneth Williams' "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" is a LOT better for dumping the recycling bin than Windows' boring old blip. ;p

Re the other: I think this is going to be the biggest cellphone adjustment for me ... the old one, because I rarely used it, was capable of staying charged for over a year. This one is also going to be rare use but I gather the new and "improved" models lose their charge even if not used.
kejn From: kejn Date: 11th July 2016 09:07 (UTC) (Other places)
what do you think of windows 10 so far? i've installed it too against everyone's warnings, and it seems to work ok for me. a bit difficult to find everything in the new environment of course... i find the images they display when i wake the computer up pretty and all, but i don't want them - do you know how to get rid of them?
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 11th July 2016 23:06 (UTC) (Other places)
Yes! I figured this one out over the weekend! Right click anywhere on your desktop, choose "personalize" on the pop-up menu and then "Lock Screen" in the new window that opens. This is where you can change that image ... there are three other Windows-chosen options or you can browse your image collection and use one of those (my replacement is an old photo of my parents' farm). The option to turn off that blue smoke effect Windows background behind the login is also here.

My suspicion is that 95% of those everyone's warnings are people saying it because they've heard other people saying it rather than any personal bad experience. A further 4% only had a personal bad experience because they don't read/follow directions or do common sense things like making backups. The remaining 1% have valid issues for one reason or another because of how they use their computers. ;p

We've been using W10 at work since Christmas so I'm used to it. And I trust the opinion of our IT person at work ... if he says something is good then it generally is. We're using Pro and what I just installed here is the home version but they're both similar and so far I've had no problems other than a custom font colour in my email vanished ... I think I'll survive that. There's a few little "and what idiot decide this was an enhancement??? things such as remoting into work from home now requires six mouse clicks, one pop-up and two further menu screens where it used to be click, pop-up, click and I was there. On the other hand, I'm very happy to now be able to choose the default location for searching for and saving files (I hated the "library" default in Windows 7 and now my computer ignores "quick access" and goes straight to the C drive for file hunts and saves). My biggest concern was making sure that all my home cataloguing softwares would still operate properly and they do. :-) I found Edge utterly useless ... I swear, it was carefully designed by removing every feature I find useful and indispensable in IE. So Edge has been shoved off to the dark pit of useless programming. Other than that, once I'd deleted all of Microsoft's apps shortcuts there isn't a lot of difference as far as I'm concerned. Probably helps, in my case, that I don't game or watch movies/TV on the computer ... just Internet, email, my home library cataloguing softwares/databases, updating my ereader, mucking about with html and css, and remoting into work on occasion.
kejn From: kejn Date: 12th July 2016 08:11 (UTC) (Other places)
thanks for helping me get rid of those pesky images! :)
and yes, i've changed back to explorer too, since it's covered by norton safe search and edge is not.

my brother in law tried 10 and lost software that he had installed so he went back to the old. other than that i don't know of anyone who has actually had problems with it.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 13th July 2016 01:06 (UTC) (Other places)
You're welcome ... glad to have been of help! :-)

We don't use Norton as our security at work so my dislike of Edge was 100% its own shortcomings. Thus I promptly killed it on my home computer as soon as the upgrade had completed without even knowing that Norton doesn't cover it.

Sorry to hear that your brother was one of the few who actually took damage; hope he was able to restore the software and any data connected to it intact. That's why I was most concerned about my home cataloguing software: three different programs from the same company (plus the three over-a-decade-in-the-making databases living in them) that are obscure enough that neither Microsoft nor Norton are familiar with them. Was very very glad to learn that they were compatible and would continue to function as they were the dealbreaker for whether or not I'd upgrade.
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