JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

First world problems ...

The bad: Last night the TV died. While the DVD player was on pause between two episodes of "Death in paradise" ... Murphy must have been napping because five minutes before the end of the episode, right when the detective was revealing who the murderer was, would have been more Murphy's style. Ah well, it was time to go to bed anyway. Quite accepting of the TV's demise as it's over twenty years old and I've been kinda waiting for it to happen so I could have a modern, doesn't weight a billion tons, flat screen.

The good: Right across the street from me is a London Drugs store (well, okay, the police station is right across the street and the London Drugs is behind it, if you want to nitpick). London Drugs is a wonderful potpourri of a store ... they specialize in cosmetics and toiletries, cookware and household appliances from coffee grinders and toasters to to small chest freezers and vacuum cleaners, an assortment of groceries from candy to cereals to canned goods to milk, butter, ice creams), cleaning supplies, stationery, plus they have a dead battery recycling service. Oh and there's a pharmacy in the back as well. And an excellent electronics department (small but, IMO superior to the specialist electronics stores) ... my computer and my DVD player both came from there. So checked their inventory online this morning, found a 28" RCA flatscreen on sale (the max size that will fit in the TV space in my electronics shelving) and was out and back again with an on-sale, larger-screened replacement TV in less than fifteen minutes ... walking there and back took longer than the actual chat with sales staff and purchase.

The bonus: Cashier was the same one who was on duty when I was in last night buying ice cream. When the person ahead of me in the process of being rung out and the person behind me in line both dashed to the freezer to impulse buy containers of Häagen-Dazs upon seeing me put mine on the counter; cashier knows me as a regular and we were joking about me deserving commission for that. So, since she didn't have anybody at the checkout at the moment, I absolutely could not resist pausing on my way out (I'd paid in the Electronics Dept.) to hold up the box and say "If I stand here for a couple of minutes holding this how many people do you think will rush to buy one?" just for the fun of making her crack up laughing (there are benefits to being a regular ... you don't fade into the billions of transactions memory blur)

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