JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Yesterday was a good day ...

Really kind of a "loot" day but there was some accomplishment thrown in. :-)

At work, my copy of The snowflake : winter's frozen artistry arrived. Perfect hot summer reading, no?

Finally made it to the Telus shop to see what was doable about upgrading my 2003 cellphone to something compatible with the imminent network upgrade. My preference: a plain phone with no other capabilities (this isn't my primary phone and will rarely be used so I don't need internet, texting, camera or any of that other extraneous gadgetry) and quite prepared to just discontinue the service if I couldn't get simple and reasonably cheap. Walked out a whole fifteen dollars (which is going to end up being credited back to me via my account) lighter with one of these. And the happy surprise (and the agent setting me up was VERY surprised) that my ancient el-cheapo plan (which is about half the price per month of anything currently being offered) was transferable to the new phone. So yeah, the thing has a camera that I'll never use (my just-a-camera being so very nice and just as small as the phone) and while it has the capability to do all the other stuff it simply isn't activated for any of it. Just a phone. :-)

And then, since I was in the mall anyway, I wandered over to HMV and scored season three of "Death in Paradise", season two of "Grantchester", The rough guide to African rare groove, volume 1, and The rough guide to African guitar legends. Hadn't noticed in the store but this last one includes a bonus CD! "Immortal Franco" by Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo (in my defense on the HMV splurging I will plead that this was the first time I'd set foot in a mall or an HMV this year)

Was listening to lovely tunes all last evening and again now. :-)
Tags: listening, reading, viewing

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