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Just finished ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Just finished ...
... Charles Stross' latest instalment in his Laundry Files series, "The Nightmare Stacks". My oh MY!!! The man has outdone himself yet again (may there never be a ceiling on his ability to do that!). Not much I can say without spoilering but lessee ...

  • This isn't a Bob and/or Mo book ... they are absent but mentioned.
  • Some old and not-seen-lately characters are back though. Pinky and Brains! Yay! Harry the Horse! Johnny McTavish makes a brief appearance (without Bashful Incendiary)
  • While most of the past tales have been primarily Bob Howard's POV, they've also included takes on situations by other characters; mainly human (mostly the "good" guys but also some of the baddies), always from our Earth/dimension. This time 'round? Welcome to the POV of an incursion!
  • Many bits and pieces of what seemed trivia info from past books turn out to be explanations for/clarifications of things in this one. Hope you were paying attention! ;-)
  • Angleton would have enjoyed this in his own scary way. (Angleton is a favourite of mine and I miss him and will forever hope that he's somehow retrieved one day)
  • The ability to run macros inside your own brain is a useful form of self-defense.
  • The Laundry is going to have a helluva time trying to cover this one up. Shall have to wait for the next volume to find out how (or if, considering how far along the overall situation is, whether they'll even bother to try)
  • If you don't know what a Kettenkrad is go Google a few images. They'll help.
  • I have to wait HOW LONG for the next book???!!!

Edited to add: Meant to link this ... the publisher has posted the first seven pages of the book online, just to help get you a teensy bit hooked ...


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