JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

100% natural, no artificial colorings or preservatives

When I decided, on the evidence of sufficient white showing in my roots, to stop colouring my hair and see what it really looked like, I was hoping hard for whiter streaks at my temples; members of my father's family tend to start greying in their late twenties (I had my first known white hair ... just one ... appear when I was seventeen) and Dad's was gorgeous ... he started with dark steel with paler grey at the temples, then silvery grey with pure silver at the temples and finally frost white (it actually glittered) still with the silver at the temples. So, since my hair is texturally and curl/wave-wise exactly the same as his with my original natural colour being primarily a mix of his and Mom's, along with a scattering of every other colour known to humanity (one hairdresser described it as "technicolour"), I figured I had a pretty good chance. And I won the gene draw and got my temple streaks! What I never expected, though, was the tricolour effect I now have ... the majority of the white and grey is above my ears, but hidden underneath and only revealed when I put my hair up is a much higher percentage of red than I used to have. :-)

I am capable of doing a much tidier job of the whole putting-up-one's-hair thing but this was just for a quick trip to the grocery store, so that the breeze wouldn't be blowing my hair across my eyes when both my hands occupied with bag-carrying on the way home. Though I'm sure most of you are too busy trying to make out the titles in the bookcases to notice a little coiffure untidiness ***GRIN***)

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