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This week is happy SQUEEEE!!! reading treasures week at Casa JLS (and it's only Tuesday)

Yesterday saw the arrival of Worlds of Sam Kieth, by (naturally) Sam Kieth. Big ol' art book that I'm going to set aside for a nice weekend morning when I can sip copy and leisurely appreciate the eye candy. 'cause Sam Kieth art requires one's full attention. Along with the Kieth came a copy of Richard Moore's Far West, something I've dying to read for a very long time. I confess that I dropped everything else and read it from cover to cover last night and loved it! Quite refreshing to see an elf character who isn't stereotypically Barbie-pretty and her being a bounty hunter as well is just icing on the cake. And oh how I wish Moore hadn't decided to drop writing/drawing comics because his Far West universe has so crazy-much potential and he barely scratched the surface. The "Bad Mojo" and "Badder Mojo" shown on the linked page are the only other "Far West" pieces not included in the compilation I have; they exist in comic book form only so I'll have to see what I can do about getting hold of 'em.

And today I got my copy of the new Charles Stross Laundry Files novel, The nightmare stacks!!! Which I don't dare even open because I know once I start reading it I won't put it down until I reach the end. Not hard to guess what I'll have my nose in THIS weekend!
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