JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Apparently they're worth dying for ...

Nipped across the street to Cracovia after work today to pick up some long weekend essentials ... bread, ham, coffee. And then had my caught by some new packaging which turned out to be something called "coffee wafers". And the cashier, who rarely talks beyond the minimum requirement (most of the staff don't speak a lot of English) raved on and on to me about how these were something new and how wonderful and amazing they were and how everybody loved them (one of many reasons to love this store ... just about everything in stock has been taste-tested by the employees) and made sure I put them in my bag last because "they're fragile."

So. Happy Moka Coffee Wafers. Stand by for a report from my tastebuds later this evening (I need to eat some food of substance first before I start into the sugar, no matter how divine).
Tags: food

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