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The late, great Dave Allen! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
The late, great Dave Allen!
This Irish comedian was addictive and essential TV viewing when I was in my teens. Enjoy!


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sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 12th May 2016 05:02 (UTC) (Other places)
Dave Allen was on tv a lot when I was a kid, I *loved* him, and am pretty sure he contributed lots to me learning English.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 13th May 2016 02:50 (UTC) (Other places)
I loved him as well; was fascinated by how spellbinding he could be just sitting in that chair and talking. :-)

'tis easy to see how he would have been a good English teacher for you; I'd remembered how funny Allen was but I don't think I realized back then that it was his use of language that made him stand out from the rest of the British comedy being aired at the time.

And now, when we meet, I'll be distracted listening for a trace of Irish accent in your voice. ;-)
zappo From: zappo Date: 12th May 2016 09:01 (UTC) (Other places)
Yay! I remember watching the Dave Allen show when I was a kid - I wonder how much of it if anything I really understood!

Pity I have to work and can't watch them right away... think I'll continue with the Goon Show first :)
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 13th May 2016 02:55 (UTC) (Other places)
Wow ... nostalgia all 'round! For some reason there's suddenly a ton of Dave Allen footage on YouTube (I know when I went online hunting for anything Allen a couple of years ago it was like the Internet had never heard of him)
4 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts