JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

There's nothing like the classics ...

Have been on a bit of a John Wyndham re-readathon the past few days, thanks to reminiscing talk about him in forums elsewhere. "Day of the triffids" is the one I've read the most (and fairly recently) so skipped that for now, but "The chrysalids", "Web", and "The Midwich cuckoos" were consumed rapidly and have been a reminder that a good tale, well told, is never ever boring even if you know it by heart. "Chocky" is next and that's the last of the Wyndhams I actually own print copies of. "The trouble with lichen", "The kraken wakes" and other old favourites will be an excuse for a Kobo shopping trip. :-)

Like I need an excuse. (ah well, at least ebooks don't consume precious bookcase space)
Tags: reading

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