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It's all anotheranon's fault ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
It's all anotheranon's fault ...
... or, When a friend gets you addicted to something, it's essential to pass it one. ;-)

The witch who came in from the cold.

anotheranon (who probably walked some of of these parts of Prague during her recent visit to that city) recommended it, I read the first "episode" this morning and at this moment I've just finished episode four and am about to start episode five. So very VERY good!!! So good that I know it's going to drive me crazy waiting for the remaining parts of this tale that have yet to be published (episode nine is being released March 30 so there's a brief relief in sight)

First episode is available for free download/reading on the website linked above ... just to get you nicely hooked.


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From: (Anonymous) Date: 28th March 2016 14:27 (UTC) (Other places)
I just started reading it, on your recommendation and am pretty hooked...but what *is* it actually? A website distributing free "webbooks" by authors who don't need to get payed? I'm curious and confused.
sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 28th March 2016 14:27 (UTC) (Other places)
Sorry, that was me!
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 28th March 2016 22:23 (UTC) (Other places)
I kinda suspected ;-)
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 28th March 2016 22:32 (UTC) (Other places)
It's old-fashioned serialized fiction, with a new chapter (or, as they like to call 'em, episode) released each week. The first is free, just so people can try it out and, hopefully, get hooked, then you have to pay for the following episodes (either one by one or get a discount by buying a subscription). Since there is payment required after the first episode I would imagine the authors are getting something for their work (I checked and the writers working on this one have all had print fiction published). It's actually a very good idea, both as a form of fiction and as PR, since people who enjoy the serial are most likely going to seek out the other books written by the individuals involved.
4 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts