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Maybe holding it up to a mirror would help ...

Started reading Arturo Pérez-Reverte's The Siege last night and carrying on with it this morning. Quite good, so far ... not just the story but the telling of history from a non-British viewpoint (which is why I love reading this author; he broadens and changes my historical perceptions). Definitely need better maps of Cádiz and environs though ... there is an area map and a city map in the book but they're both skeletal on labeling and also rotated to fit the pages so north isn't upwards on either and they each have a different rotation/"north" so it can be a bit brain-bending flipping between the two trying to match up a city location in relation to the larger area (the city is being bombarded from outside and that's important to the plot so one does tend to try to follow just where the firing is coming from)

I don't think the best map in the world will help me with how a pair of ships that left the city sailing west are now in Tarifa, which is southeast of Cádiz ...

Since this isn't Pérez-Reverte's usual translator I'm thinking maybe an error and the text was really supposed to have them headed east ... gonna try looking up this specific military expedition to see what happened.

Edited to add: History stuff found online says the ships were originally being sent to Tarifa, they didn't end up there due to mischance or change of plan, so presumably this is just bad wording/translating (I suspect the latter since the author is a god of exquisite wording and historical accuracy) tied into the fact that while Tarifa is to the southwest of Cádiz, the position of the harbour at Cádiz requires sailing west very briefly to depart the city no matter which direction one is actually headed. ;p
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