JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Happiness is reading a writer who can ...

... completely and utterly blindside you. Just finished "Poison", volume four of Greg Rucka's "Lazarus". Excellent continuation of the story, all kinds of politicking and strategy and action and will-they-pull-it-off? The kind of tale that makes you happy you started it and sorry that you're nearly to the end of this instalment. And then I turned to the last page and WHAM!!! Did. Not. See. That. Coming.

So there's more than one reason her name is Forever.

And now I've got to wait at least half a year to see what happens next ...

yeah, yeah, I know I could find out sooner by buying the individual comic books instead of waiting for the fifth book. But that'd mean at least five cliffhangers (at the end of each issue) instead of just the one ... because there's no way this is resolved/explained all tidily in the next issue. I don't think I could stand the strain.

Edited to add: That was last night. This morning I discovered that the series went on a six-month hiatus after dropping that little bombshell on the readers. So it's more like a year at minimum before I find out what's next. Evil EVIL creators!!!
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