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My grand accomplishment for today ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
My grand accomplishment for today ...
Poor ol' Slain has been languishing for ages because I discovered the stitch count was off by one!!! after I'd gotten quite a bit past where the last photo shows (had completed a second green section plus a thick dark brown band echoing the visible orange and green section but on a much larger scale). Yeah, I could have fudged it but it's the perfectionist principle of the thing to want it done right; plus since the increases are part of the edging even though I couldn't currently see where the error had occurred there was every chance it would stand out like a neon sign after the thing was blocked (knitting can be perverse that way). Or, equally bad, it could have been an undetected dropped stitch that would unravel and put a big run in the shawl during blocking. So finally psyched myself up and ended up undoing close to three dozen rows averaging over a couple hundred stitches apiece, stitch by stitch, until I finally found the spot where I screwed up. So now I can knit forward again! (two rows redone already ... one small step and all that jazz)


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