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A little reading

Now at the midpoint of second week off (so hopefully everybody will be finished with their trauma from IT upgrading all the work computers to Windows 10 between Christmas and New Year's by the time I go back on Monday so I don't have to listen to it)

Amongst other things have been reading a few things off the to-read pile and rereading some old favourites. Just finished the posthumous George Macdonald Fraser novel Captain in calico. Not his best by a long shot (though it truly is reasonably good) but it isn't meant to be and the intro is quite honest about that. As a peek at the early writing days of a favourite author and a chance to see the seeds of what later grew into brilliant storytelling, it's fascinating beyond the story. I'd say don't read it unless you've some familiarity with Fraser's work so you can appreciate it for what it is.

Also, just before tackling the "Captain", I'd dug out and re-read Selina Rosen's two Drewcila Qwah novels, Queen of denial and Recycled. Even though I knew what was coming this time 'round I still had many a chuckle over the adventures of the foul-mouthed, beer guzzling, shag-anything-that-moves Qwah and her buddies. One case where it pays to judge a book by its cover (or covers, really); I originally discovered this duo thanks to having been going through my small collection of cover artist books trying to find a half-remembered illustration, found it in First Maitz, realized I hadn't seen a cover by Don Maitz in ages and promptly googled him to see if he was still in business/alive, had my eye caught by this obviously matching set of paintings in his online gallery, managed to track down the books and thus Selina Rosen's site, read the descriptions and reviews and was sold.

Have had Tom Holt's My hero (which should be on the required reading list of every aspiring author) as bedtime re-reading so that one's going more slowly.

Now have to decide what next. It's re-reading's turn and my bookcases contain SO many old favourites that have been neglected for far too long ...
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