JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Objects in image are more purple than they appear ...

Wanna get rich in electronics? Design a digital camera that isn't determined that all purples shall be portrayed as blues. In RL this yarn is actually a purple that makes Welch's Grape Juice look anemic, so rich and intense and saturated and vivid that it leaves orange afterimages flashing on one's retinas. (it's not just cameras ... I still recall fighting a long battle to try to make my scanner create a correct image of a certain bright orange and purple book cover instead of determinedly converting it to beige and blue every time)


Anyhooooooo ... last night got distracted by the "Sequence knitting" book of my first post of December 2015 and these two skeins of locally-dyed eye-searingly purple yarn (colourway "Purple Wurple") that I acquired at the 2014 Calgary Fibre Festival and have had sitting on my desk lately as inspiration/reminder because I had a craving for yet another bright something to wear during the winter blah season. And they kinda sorta came together, along with my as-yet-unused Nickel Northern Lights needle tips ... which are a joy to work with, BTW.

I think it's looking good so far, though stitch patterning isn't far enough along to really show well in a photo. I'm using the Woolston sequence from the book (click on the top image in this link for a better view of the patterning)
Tags: knitting

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