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On the cusp of a magic moment ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
On the cusp of a magic moment ...
... or, Way more than you ever wanted to know about sock engineering. ;p

The socks I've been working on are at a transition point; ready to begin the making of the heel. No matter how many socks a person knits, turning the heel is always a wonder ... an act that turns a tube into a something that fits around what can only be described as a "corner" on the human body.

Right now the socks are very odd-looking things. They won't flatten like purchased socks because they're, well, foot-shaped. The sole-side of each sock currently has way more stitches than the top side (something that never happens to machine-manufactured socks), making them look like happy smiles when viewed from the top. This is due to my adding two extra stitches to the sole (one on each side) on every other row to make the gusset. However, pull these misshapen looking things onto an actual foot and they suddenly look (and feel) just right ... that little added triangle of gusset on each side allows the sock to comfortably fit 'round both the widening where top of the foot angles up to join the leg and the jut of the heel that's opposite it. The gusset triangle has also caused the top of the sock to tilt at an angle from tip of heel to join of foot/leg, which is the all-important set-up for the next step ... the turning of the heel. There are many different types and techniques of heel turning in handknitted socks; in this case I'm going to be knitting back and forth across the back half of each sock only until I reach the ankle, then I'll start knitting 'round and 'round the whole sock again to create the leg.



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