JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

That was goooood!

Got my hands on Adam Warren's Empowered, volume 9 today and have just now finished reading it. Impressive! Not as intense as volume 8 (be kinda scary if he did that two volumes running) but very very good story in a nicely balanced blend of action, comedy, and tragedy, with some longrunning plotstuff wrapped up. That shushing gesture Emp's making on the cover is what it's all about ... secrets of all kinds being revealed.

Far too many highlights to mention (well, not without quoting half the book), but Sistah Spooky's brief scene giving testimony to the Emergency Summit was one of her greatest moments, being honest not only to the council but finally (and more importantly and impressively) with herself as well. Hope she'll be back next volume. As for Emp herself, many moments of awesome but this is the panel that nearly made me spit hot chocolate (from laughter) all over my precious book. The buildup to this was marvelous ... our girl no longer putting up with crap that's thrown at her. XD


Can't imagine ever tiring of reading this series ... I swear people will be writing theses about it one day (hmmm, real theses about a fictional superheroine whose own thesis was about the real life superpowered in her world ... oh yes! this is a thing that must happen!)

Now how long until volume 10???!!!
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