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The perfect cure for the beginning-of-winter blahs ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
The perfect cure for the beginning-of-winter blahs ...
After a period of being reasonably quick at the making of socks I've had this pair and this pair malingering on my needles for what seems like centuries. And though it's not been quite that long, it has been years. Partly down to the lengthy period of work's extreme overtime era but only partly ... when I've had time to muck about with yarn I've started and sometimes finished numerous other projects while these have only merited an occasional new row here and there.

Finally figured it out. While I like the finished portions of both pairs of socks, the ironwork design on the black/grey/white pair is fiddly so I don't want to touch those unless my brain is 100% there. The other pair is plain knitting so a no-brainer and I quite like how the colours look in the fabric but they are boring TO knit. Perfectly predictable which is going to come next and how many stitches it'll be before it changes again. Right now what I really need is something that has me wanting to knit more rows just to see what happens next.

So the predictable multi-colour pair have gone onto "storage" needles and I dug out a couple of Crazy Zauberballs and cast these on last night. Sock enthusiasm returned so fast I'm amazed it didn't give me whiplash. Those two balls of yarn really are exactly the same colourway, but the joy of Crazy Zauberballs is the pure randomness of the order, length, and combination of those colours. The fiddly shaping of the toes is finished and I'm now a few rows into the round and round of the foot portions of the socks, including narrow clocks up each side in an Austrian twisted stitch pattern called "Wheat Grain" (currently hidden under the curl of the top rows of stitches but it'll be visible later)


This is my second pair of socks from these particular balls of yarn; the previous pair were knitted in the opposite direction so the toes of these begin at the colour where the toes of those left off. It's entirely possible that I may get a third pair out of this yarn and I'm loving that fact that no two of those socks will look exactly the same. :-)


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sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 8th November 2015 18:32 (UTC) (Other places)
I love all the vibrant colors. Also, it strikes me how much work "just" a pair of socks seem to take up. I've learned how to never take knitted or crocheted gifts lightly. (not that I go around taking gifts lightly as a habit anyway)
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 8th November 2015 19:53 (UTC) (Other places)
Cannot imagine you ever taking a gift of any kind, from a child's crayon scribble on scrap paper to a precious gem, for granted ... that would just be so very NOT you.

The colours are what I love best ... they're an essential winter vitamin as well as the carrot on a stick to keep me lured into making them. And Crazy Zauberballs have the BEST colours. Sock knitting in itself isn't my favourite stitchery by a long shot, but there's a danger to handknit socks ... once you've worn something that's actually custom-fitted to the size and shape of your foot, mass-produced socks will always feel deformed and uncomfortable by comparison. So I make 'em for the joy of getting to wear 'em. ;p

It's generally said that a pair of socks contains as many (or more) stitches than a sweater. Just held a measuring tape to these ones and I'm working at 6 rows to the centimetre; as the circumference is 72 stitches that's 432 stitches within each centimetre of length of each sock.
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts