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Just got home from ordinary, essential, everyday shopping. We've had light snowfall all day and the streets are a puddly, slushy mess, which means skating rink tomorrow. Plus the weekendly invasion of the Christmas shoppers from outside the city (and the province) has begun, so that means skating rink covered in large projectiles driven by people who aren't sure where they're going or how to get there, and a massive upsurge in the number of sirens I'll hear tearing out from the cop shop across the street as the traffic accidents start happening. :-(

I've decided that what I want for Christmas is all my food delivered from now until after New Year, so I won't have to go out there. Oh, and one of those invisible car stickers that absolve a driver from having to wait their turn at four-way stops (they MUST be invisible ... damned if I've ever been able to see one). :P

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