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Squee! Pratchett! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Squee! Pratchett!
BBC Radio started broadcasting the dramatization of Pratchett's "Guards Guards" today!!! A generous 29 days from now left to listen to the first episode and likely the same for the remaining five. Enjoy! :-)


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zappo From: zappo Date: 27th October 2015 07:40 (UTC) (Other places)
Oooooh! :DDDD
libwitch From: libwitch Date: 27th October 2015 13:44 (UTC) (Other places)
oooh. now i now what i am listening to at work....i think. lets see if i can do this.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 28th October 2015 01:02 (UTC) (Other places)
Hope you can ... it was good! (there were changes to accommodate dramatization but I liked 'em)
dustdaughter From: dustdaughter Date: 5th November 2015 01:05 (UTC) (Other places)
Ooh, thank you. I love to hear adaptations of Pratchett's stories. You can feel the love that BBC puts into theirs.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 6th November 2015 05:28 (UTC) (Other places)
I think they put an extra helping of that love into this one ... 'tis especially marvelous (so far) :-)
5 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts